May 8 – 10: An Intensive Study of Permaculture in Rossland

Plan a trip to Rossland for the weekend of May 8th, and jump into the world of permaculture with Andrew Bennett of Moon Gravity Farm. Offered by the Monashee Institute, who’s unique learning experiences aim to represent true mountain living, this 3 day intensive workshop is the first part of the Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) and covers all the core concepts, principles and practices of permaculture.

The weekend will focus on patterns in nature, water and earthworks, energy and food forests, soils and livestock, climate strategies, building shelter and society and alternative livelihood. The workshop includes an indoor learning component, extensive outdoor hands on learning, as well as lunch and dinner catered by local Rossland chefs and featuring local food. Evening entertainment is also being planned, and will include films and talks of various permaculture relevance, with a potential Thursday night weekend kick-off event.

Andrew Bennett is an urban farmer and operates Moon Gravity Farm in Rossland. He is also a dedicated student and a passionate teacher of all things permaculture. Andrew has an MSc in Landscape and Community Ecology, has spent months building sustainable homes with cob and straw, and has worked on farms around the world. With three Permaculture Design Certificates under his belt, he not only brings an abundance of energy to this workshop, but also a wealth of knowledge.

Andrew has created a blog entitled Riding the Wave to Abundance, in spirit of his upcoming workshop. An excerpt from his latest post, offers his take on what this workshop has to offer:

“Knowledge of nature’s ways is deep in our DNA. Natural patterns of soil creation and water flows, edges and patches, scale and succession, diversity and evolution, can all be understood with intuition and imagination.  Toss in some creativity and we quickly find that nature’s simple truths hold the key to abundance. It is suddenly crazy to design anything, from a gadget to a garden path, without reference to these eternal patterns.

In three days of intensive permaculture in the hills Rossland, we’ll take a whirlwind tour of core ecological concepts, and we’ll take these ideas outside to observe real patterns, consider their meaning, apply them in designs, and build models to seem them in action. We’ll dig microswales and microponds in the dirt and play with water to learn how to fill our lives with mineralized groundwater. We’ll make a full-size ‘hugelkultur’ (buried-wood raised beds) as an example of gardening techniques that store water, warmth, and carbon, diversify microclimates, and create habitat.  And we’ll build a demo of the classic “rocket stove mass heater”, an inexpensive and mind-blowing technology that can keep a house warm all day from a single fire using wood that is easily produced in a large garden with no need for an axe or maul.

The food will be delicious. We plan to source as much locally as possible, much of it from our own farm, and it will be prepared by some fantastic Rossland chefs. We’re not vegetarians (I was for a decade, but that’s another story) so we’ll serve everything from veg and eggs to meat and dairy—but any and all dietary needs will gladly be accommodated. We’ve included both lunch and dinner each day for a few reasons. Most importantly, we’d like to keep everyone together to benefit from the wealth of each other and immerse ourselves as deeply as possible into sharing new visions for an abundant future.” (originally posted on March 31, 2015 by the Monashee Institute, written by Andrew Bennett)


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Written By: Miche Warwick, Kootenay Food Liaison

Photo Credit: Andrew Bennett