Support Your KOOTENAY Farmer: Our 2017 Kootenay CSA Directory

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is an alternative, locally based model of agriculture and food distribution in which growers and eaters work together in a direct relationship, sharing the risks and benefits offered through food production. This relationship consists of individuals becoming CSA shareholders by making a financial investment in a farm, typically at the beginning of the growing season in the Spring. In return, growers commit to sharing the food they grow with their farms shareholders consistently throughout the season. This is a rewarding model of food distribution for everyone involved, assuring shareholders access to delicious and healthy food all throughout the harvesting season.

Here in the Kootenay’s we have an abundance of options when it comes to choosing a CSA program that fits your needs. From an entire season of freshly picked juicy produce boxes; to a whole summer of beautiful, fragrant flowers; to a year chock-full of uniquely handcrafted herbal medicines….

What our Kootenay farmers, growers and small businesses provide for our communities is nothing short of amazing. Check it out for yourself, and sign-up for your CSA program today!

CARTWHEEL FARM     |     Creston Valley

This year’s season for weekly produce baskets will run for 21 weeks from June 6th to October 27th. As always, baskets will be packed with fresh-picked, certified organic fruits, veggies, and herbs (grown with joy!). We will also continue our recipe program included each week to help you stay inspired in the kitchen! Baskets will be available through delivery or downtown Creston pick-up. Cost ranges from $450 – $550 for the full season.

For more information and to sign-up call Laura or Nigel at 250.428.6571 or email

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CROOKED HORN FARM     |     Winlaw

Our 2017 CSA program features 24 weeks of fresh produce starting mid-May and running until the end of October. This year we have two box options: Large box $720 ($30/week)      |      Small box $540 ($22.50/week). Our weekly box contains super fresh, seasonally appropriate certified organic vegetables. We allow a swap out  of one or two things that you don’t like, but we appreciate your flexibility. We offer add on items like mushrooms when available. Box pick up is Saturdays on the farm in Winlaw or at the Nelson Cottonwood Market.

For more information and to sign up call Ange or Gord at 250.226.7062 or email

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EDIBLES FARM    |     Windermere

Time to connect with your farmer! 2017 markets our 9th season of our edibles CSA program. We will continue to offer 3 different food box options in an attempt to keep the CSA program feasible and accessible to you. Join us for a summer full of fresh, local and certified organic veggies! Weekly box pickup will be at edibles Café right at Winderberry, between 1:00-6:00 PM on Fridays and 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM on Saturdays. Our full shares contain about 8-10 different vegetables, while our half shares have about 4-6. We will offer a ‘swap’ box where you can swap out an item from your box if you so choose. Our program will begin on June 23rd and run until September 29th.

Full share = $500 ($33.33/box)     |     Half share = $275 ($18.33/box)

Working Share = 15 weeks food / 20 weeks work, 4 hrs/wk (learn about food production and get your hands dirty!)

For more information or to sign-up contact Lin by email: or call 250.342.7472.

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GLADE ORGANICS     |     Glade

Our 2017 program will run from June – October for 20 weeks. Members will receive a weekly box of  fresh, nutrient dense, certified organic produce grown on our farm! Additionally members will receive a weekly  newsletter full of recipe ideas and farm updates. Our program has room for 30 members. Boxes can be picked up weekly at the Saturday Castlegar Farmers’ Market, at the Saturday Cottonwood Market in Nelson or on our farm on Sunday evenings. Each box will contain a variety of 7 – 12 veggies and it will change with the season! This year we have three box options:     Full box = $650 season ($32/wk)      |     Half box = $450/season ($22/wk) Single Box = $350/season ($17/wk)          (*each price includes a refundable box deposit of $10) Early bird discounts are available until May 31st! Save big and sign-up early!

For more information and to sign-up call Ross or Mira at 250.777.2168 or email

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HUMMINGBIRD FARM     |     Slocan Valley

This year we are excited to offer our version of a CSA program in the form of a 2017 season ‘flower subscription’! All of our flowers, like everything else we grow, are certified organic through Kootenay Organic Growers and are available through this exciting new subscription program, at local farmers’ markets and for weddings. This year we are offering two subscription options: 10 weeks of fresh cut flowers $180    |    5 weeks of fresh cut flowers $90 For each option you choose the weeks you would like flowers, starting in April. We deliver to your house or office in Nelson or Castlegar! For more information or to sign-up please call Lana at 250.226.6996.

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LINDEN LANE FARMS     |     Krestova

Thyme Saver CSA Weekly Produce Box Program runs for 18 weeks from June through October. This program aims for 40 members, and accepts a variety of payment installment options + methods. There are two size options to choose from: Large $740  /  $703 before Feb 28th     |     Small $455  /  $432.25 before Feb 28th

Each box will contain 8 – 12 certified organic vegetables. We grow more than 200 cultivars of 50 different vegetables, ensuring a variety of produce each week. Members have the option to add on to their weekly box through our online store, and will receive our weekly newsletter. We have pickup locations in Castlegar, Nelson and Crescent Valley. Our website uses North America’s most advanced CSA program software – so come visit Linden Lane Farms online for complete CSA details and registration information.

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MEADOW CREEK ORGANICS     |     Meadow Creek

Our 2017 Green Box Program kicks off in the first week of June and runs until early October. We grow a wide range of vegetables on 3+ acres, from salad greens to squash, and each week your box will burst with a fresh and abundant harvest. Our program offers two box sizes: Basic Box $425 (for two)     |     Family Box $775 (for four) We deliver to central pick-up points in Kaslo, Meadow Creek and Argenta.

For more information or to sign-up please call Rachel at 250.366.0066 or email

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RAVINE CREEK FARM     |     Appledale

Our CSA program is back for another delicious season, proving once again you can have your kale and eat it too! HOW IT WORKS: Members sign-up and pay $600 for their share by April 1st. Starting in May members receive a weekly box of seasonal, certified organic vegetables averaging a value of $30/week. Join our program and proceed straight to *vegetable euphoria* for the next 20 weeks, and know that your Farmers are sleeping easier at night! Weekly pickup can happen either at our Farm in Appledale or at our farm stand at the weekly market in Nelson.

For more information or to sign-up please call us at 250.226.7333 or email

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SALIX AND SEDGE FARM     |     Salmo

An 18 week CSA program beginning in June. Delicious produce boxes available for weekly pickup at a prearranged location in Nelson, or at the Salmo Farmers’ Market on Thursdays. Two different box options: Large $450 / *$400 ($25/week) or Small $306 / *$272 ($17/week). *Offering a vacation option this year: sign-up for 18 weeks, but with a bit of notice skip 2 pickups at any point in the season.

For more information + for registration, visit Salix and Sedge online. Follow along with Salix and Sedge on Facebook.

Our 2017 program will be a ‘debit style CSA’ for both vegetables and flowers. Purchase a debit card for use at our farm stand located in Tarry’s on Highway 3A. You use this card to purchase anything you like from our stand – there are no restrictions! We grow a wide range of veggies + flowers, from traditional favourites to heirloom + artisanal varieties, all certified organic through Kootenay Organic Growers.  Storage crops, your seasonal favourites, and beautiful grab-and-go bouquets! Stop by and shop from May through the end of October on Thursdays + Fridays from noon – 6:00 PM and Saturdays from 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM. Our members will receive our monthly newsletter, advance notice on special deals, and an invitation to our fall harvest party. Our debit card is available in 3 denominations, and the more you invest, the more you save!

For more information or to sign up call Sarah at 250.304.8084 or email

Visit Stone Meadow Gardens online for full program details.

* Our Kootenay Food Newsletter published Friday Feb 24 contained a print error and noted Stone Meadow Gardens as being “certified organic” and in fact they are “certified transitional organic”. Our sincere apologies for any confusion this may have caused!*
TERRA FIRMA FARMS     |     Revelstoke

We are a PACS Certified Organic Farm located in Revelstoke BC.  Our products are marketed through our local farmers’ market, restaurants, specialty food retailers and a 40 member CSA. Our 2017 CSA program is 18 weeks of fresh produce. Pickup is Wednesdays between 3:00 – 6:00 PM at our farm. We offer two program options:  Full $450 (8-10 items)   |   Small $325 (5-6 items)

With add-on options: Egg share $100   |   Flower Share $100   |   Terra Firma Wood Crate $25 Our program starts on June 14th and ends on October 11th.

For more information or to register email

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We will be offering a CSA program this year of approximately 16 weeks beginning in June until the end of September. Our boxes develop with the season, and grow in size as our harvest become more abundant. A full season box program is $400, which includes your $25 membership fee. Your weekly box will be available for pickup on Wednesday mornings between 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM at our greenhouse. Everything you will receive will be freshly picked that morning! Yum!

For more information or to sign-up call Kathy at 250.354.3695 or email

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Image Credit: Small Farm Central

Article Written By: Miche Warwick, KFCL   |    EatGrowFlourish