KLAS tool library now in the Slocan Valley!

Small scale farmers, Market Gardeners and Homesteaders, KLAS has dozens of amazing tools to help you grow
+ preserve more food, and now many of them are located in the central Slocan Valley!

KLAS Tools Include: BCS walking tractors with many implements: rotary plow, tiller, flail tiller, rotary harrow,
seed broadcaster, brush mower, wood chipper, hay making equipment + mini bailers.
Also: Root Washer, Honey extractors, Apple Press, Seed Cleaners, Commercial Dehydrator, etc…


1. You need to become a KLAS member, Annual membership $50

2. If you plan to use the BCS this year you need to participate in a BCS workshop to learn how to use the
machine with care. A MAY workshop in Winlaw is underway, so if you are interested please email / call ASAP!

“Rock Star farmer” Jean-Martin Fortier’s tool of choice is the BCS! And it can help you: Break new ground, build
terraces or raised beds, smooth a bumpy lawn, mow brush, and even dig ditches, broadcast seeds and make
hay on a small scale!

visit klassociety.org for more information on tools, rental fee’s and depots near you!