The West Kootenay Permaculutre Coop (WKPC), the folks behind Kootenay Food, would like to thank everyone who participated in this years EAT-THE-GARDEN-TOUR! It was an incredible day full of fun and festivities. The event included eighteen diverse artisans and food crafters spread out over eleven different gardens and farms. As well as the addition of local food vendors and farms this year, we also added a beer gardens into the mix to allow folks to enjoy a refreshing beverage and a chance to sit down and socialize.

All of the money generated from the beer gardens and grill was a fundraiser for the WKPC which was made possible by two local craft breweries; Backyard Brewing Company and Kootenay Kombucha, The Killbillies and the hard work of our diligent volunteers! The WKPC is so proud to be the new force behind this community event and add our Kootenay Food spin to it. It’s what we as a cooperative love to do.

We have so many incredible people to thank not least of all the amazing community members who opened up their gardens to the public! The tour would not exist without the support from these hardy hard working individuals. The tour also had so many wonderful local sponsors who supported the event through donations as well as helping us promote the tour by distributing over 600 ‘EAT-THE-GARDEN-TOUR’ maps! We would also like to thank all of the over volunteers that had a huge hand in supporting this day and the folks who came out to take the tour. Thank You!

Attendance was high this year allowing the WKPC to fundraise over $2500.00. The combined fundraising efforts included the beer gardens, Kootenay Food t-shirts, Kootenay Food gift cards, sponsors, vendors and the donation jars. The money raised will go towards helping launch the Kootenay Food Mobile Kitchen Classroom this fall. There are still a few t-shirts and gift card sets left over that are for sale in Winlaw at Emery Herbals if you missed the tour and want some Kootenay Food swag.

The West Kootenay Permaculutre Coop will be hosting the ‘EAT-THE-GARDEN-TOUR’ in June 2018 and we want to continue to grow this event to include even more local food vendors & artisans at diverse farm garden locations. If you attended the even this year we would love to hear some feedback from you, to help us to continue to improve our events in the future.

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