So Many people helped make the 2nd annual Press Fest a huge success! THANK YOU ALL for your contributions towards and epic day of pressing!

What an amazing day in the Valley! Sunday was ripe with community and SO MANY APPLES!!! When we finally shut down the press (at 8pm after running for 10 hours) we got the event tally…

LAST YEAR WE PRESSED 1427L of juice (about 6500lb of fruit). THIS YEAR WE PRESSED 4400L! MORE THAN TRIPLE WHAT WE DID LAST YEAR!… And our co-op didn’t buy a single apple! Albeit Dayna picked nearly 1250lbs of the co-op fruit herself (again)!

This also means that our community pickled over 12000lbs of fruit to press! I am so thrilled to have more than exceeded a viability test for this large scale commercial equipment to be utilized by our valley for these types of community pressing events! It was actually incredibly beautiful too see just how wide reaching our messaging was, and how motivated folks were to pick fruit, sort it, haul it and patiently wait for it to come out in boxes! We certainly learned a lot of about how to improve for next year and how much more fruit is still hanging today! My heart was warmed by the very patient and grateful community members who waited for their juice to be run with so much enthusiasm and excitement for the event.

Yes there still is juice for sale, but it’s in short supply and it will sell fast! By the weeks end you should be able to buy it at the Slocan Park Co-op and at Emery Herbals for a limited time!

I want to acknowledge the efforts of the folks that really made PressFest happen:

Dayna again rock start press-fester picked and gleaned dozens of trees with volunteers and often just her and her little family. She was also the primary point of contact and support for our collaboration partners; The Slocan Park Community Hall Association! (Lorraine, Bob, Bonnie, Sharon, Wendy, Katia & her lovely husband, and many more amazing volunteers!) these guys took care of soooo much to make the day a success from the parking and traffic control which was largely occupied by apple loading traffic! They also did all the music, the kids games, the delicious borscht and all the artisan vendors. What a great collaboration of community and a wide demographic of event goers! Miche rounded up some amazing food vendors and rocked the Kootenay Food Market Place while slinging a great amount of work bee canning and apple juice.

Our Co-op Board put in great efforts to ensure the Kootenay Food table, Pickle Palooza and apple logistic were under control! Thanks; Renata, Damon, Colleen, Moriah & Jenna!

We also had the best pit crew of friends and farmers who really dug in (literally to tons of apple pulp) to make the pressing smooth! Dino was a champ on the forklift (generously donated to us for the day by the Slocan Park Co-op), Derek and Derrick (yes both of them), Dylan, Jim, Chris, Reece, Ashley, Patrick & Gregoire! BIG LOVE TO OUR MIGHTY MOBILE PRESS CREW! Stephen & Lisa YOU GUYS ROCKED!


–Shauna, WKPC Board Chair