Sausage Party! Nov 15

November 15th 2-5pm Community Sausage Making 101 $20

(Space is limited, Registrations REQUIRED)

Let them Eat Kraut! A Community Collaboration

The West Kootenay Permaculture Co-op (WKPCo-op), the folks behind Kootenay Food, Winlaw Elementary School and The Kootenay Co-op are “linking” up to offer hands-on food education to students and community!

Last Year the WKPCo-op was the community partner supporting Winlaw Elementary school in acquiring a Farm to Cafeteria Canada grant. This grant equipped them with a Farm to Cafeteria Coordinator, Marilyne Taylor, as well as a salad bar and funding to provide students with fresh locally grown produce year-round. As well, the WKPCoop’s new Mobile Kitchen Classroom has been piloting programming over the past 6 months to help support our local food economy through various initiatives and events, and this is the latest collaboration on the table.

The students of Winlaw School recently toured Crooked Horn Farm and experienced firsthand the work and energy that it takes to be a market farmer in our region. The school then purchased fresh organic cabbage from the farm and will be turning it into delicious Sauerkraut with the help of the Mobile Kitchen Classroom. On November 1st students will enjoy another hands-on learning experience – transforming the cabbage into sauerkraut while learning about the nutritional benefits of eating fermented foods. And, what goes better with Sauerkraut than fresh handmade sausages and pierogies?

The Kootenay Co-op Butcher Shop is generously supporting a sausage making day by providing local and ethical farm fresh meat, supplies and one of their skilled butchers (who also happens to be an elementary teacher) Reuben Crookbain. On November 15th Reuben and the Kootenay Food Team will instruct Winlaw students in the process of making and tasting their very own sausages.  Later in the month they will be enjoyed by the entire school as part of the hot lunch program served with locally made pierogis and their very own fermented sauerkraut. In the Slocan Valley many families are growing and raising their own food, so not only is learning to make sauerkraut and sausages a lot of fun, it is also a highly relevant skill for our homesteading culture.

After the school enjoys a morning of sausage making, Kootenay Food will be offering a Community Sausage 101 workshop that afternoon at the nearby Valley Kitchen. Participants of the “Sausage Party” will leave with new sausage crafting skills, a few links of sausages to take home and will help to produce 100 sausages to be served as part of a free, seasonal meal at the screening of ‘Feeding Ourselves’ the Film by Lisa Safarik at The Slocan Legion on November 25th. WKPCo-op has supported the production of the film, which highlights regional food sovereignty, and is very pleased to support the film screening with a free community meal that features farmers from the Slocan Valley. Many of the other food items prepared for this dinner come from similar initiatives with area schools and Kootenay Food Work-Bees held throughout the fall.

This epic collaboration is exactly the kind of innovative programming that small communities like ours need to strengthen ties, share the work and enjoy the rewards together.




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