Community Composting in North Slocan Valley

Could you please take 4-5 minutes to complete this Healthy Community Society Composting Survey.
The link to the on-line survey is:

or, if you prefer, you can pick-up and drop-off a hard copy from the Villages of Silverton or New Denver or Valley Voice offices.

The Healthy Community Society of the North Slocan Valley is looking into the possibility of community composting. As part of our study we need to know about your composting habits, needs and desires and what barriers you currently find with the process. Organic waste creates, on average, 40% of the public waste stream and yet, if diverted from the landfill, can make a valuable product. One survey per household is adequate. We appreciate your feedback! . Part –time resident feedback is also welcome.

The deadline for feedback is Dec 6th.

Thank you in advance. Feel free to send on to friends and neighbours.