Salix and Sedge

A Conversation with Salix and Sedge Farm

Let’s start with the basics. Please tell us your farm name and your location?

Salix and Sedge Farm, Brendan Parsons and Cali Olleck, Salmo BC

What kind of farm do you run?

Salix and Sedge is a certified organic farm located in the Salmo Valley. We are a small farm going into our 4th year of operation, and we produce food on just under an acre of land. We grow a large variety of vegetables for our Community Shared Agriculture (CSA) program, the Salmo Valley Farmers Market, and a small amount for some local retailers. We focus on producing high quality, nutritious food for our community, while also making a living for ourselves and maintaining the high level of diversity that exists in our farm-wetland ecosystem.

As a farmer, why do you do what you do?

We both wanted work that was meaningful, mentally and physically challenging, and that connected us to our community. Farming fit the bill! What we love about farming is that we are constantly learning, and nothing is ever stagnant. Farming is also unique in that we are connected to community members from all stages of life. From young children gobbling up salad turnips and ground cherries at the farmers market, to the folks who have a lifetime of wisdom and experience to share who are seeking out nourishing and delicious food…and everyone in between!

Where can we find + purchase your products?

We sell our produce at the Salmo Valley Farmers Market, and through our CSA member program (look for 2018 registration info on our website in the new year!) You can also find our produce regularly at the Kootenay Co-op, and occasionally at Save-On and Ellisons Market. Our produce is also used by the Kootenay Co-op kitchen and the Kootenay Bakery and Cafe to create delicious meals and snacks!

What else would you like people to know about your farm?

We are members of the Kootenay and Boundary Food Producers Co-op (KBFPC), and 2017 was our first season marketing our produce through the Co-op. It was a success, but in order for the Co-op to work effectively and offer more services, we need more members – both growers and value-added processors. If you think you might like to work together with other farmers in the region, access the labour pool, and reduce the amount of time you spend marketing your products, check out the website to learn more!

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