Aurora Gardens

A Conversation with Aurora Gardens Farm


Let’s start with the basics. Please tell us your farm name and your location?

Aurora Gardens

5715 longbeach rd. Nelson B.C.

Interview submitted by Brenda Hyshka

What kind of farm do you run?

We are K.M.G certified and grow a variety of things including pea shoots, berries, herbs an edible & cut flower production. The farm is only 1 acre, yet very diverse. We also allow customers to come help out in the gardens & pay them in produce through our farm gate sales.

As a farmer, why do you do what you do?

Quality is foremost .We are certified as Kootenay Mountain Grown under the Kootenay Local Agricultural Society ( ). Most food in North America travels on average from four to  seven days before it reaches the retailer. Most produce is picked under ripe in order to compensate for traveling time. Additionally, it may have traveled over 2,400 kilometers! The impact of food production on non-renewable fossil fuel can be immense.

But local alternatives are available. We continue to look for new, ecologically sensitive and productive ways of gardening. It’s important to maintain the genetic integrity of northern-grown vegetables because,
one day Canadians may be forced to grow their own food again.

Where can we find + purchase your products?

Kootenay Co-op, Ellison’s Market, or simply come on down to our farm-gate!

What else would you like people to know about your farm?

When we were kids, our parents taught us not to take candy from strangers. Now, we buy food from faceless corporations, and consume it…Without Question!

Farm Contact Info:

Facebook: Aurora Gardens   
Phone:250- 229-4346

If you would like a tour please call ahead to ensure we have time for you!