In this hands on skill building session you will learn how to use natural super-foods to create decadent sweets without; sugar, wheat, gluten or dairy. We will use raw nuts and fruits along with healthy oils to craft divine layered bars, squares, bliss balls, tarts & more! We’ll amp up the nutrient density all these treats with super-foods like; spirolina, greens, maca, and raw honey to name a few. Using simple equipment and techniques you will learn how make desserts that have small ingredients lists and come together quickly and without guilt! We will use locally made chocolate from belicious and emery honey, and the rest of the ingredients will be of organic source. We’ll make everything with LOVE and just in time to treat your sweetheart.

YOUR INSTRUCTOR: Shauna Fidler, permaculture and graphic designer, long time foodie and former bakery owner. Shauna is passionate about making and sharing food that celebrates local seasonal ingredients and is dedicated sourcing what she doesn’t grow or forage from organic and ethical sources. She is a consultant to many food businesses across the country and has been working in world of food since she was 12 years old. She also sits as the chair of the West Kootenay Permaculture Co-op and is on the Central Kootenay Food Policy Council and is the creator of Kootenay Food.

WITH SPECIAL GUEST CHOCOLATIER : Beth Campbell, founder of Belicious Chocolate Alchemy. Beth will be providing us with us her handcrafted chocolate which we will use to make our sweets, and she will be sharing some secrets to chocolate tempering and a short talk about sourcing ethical chocolate.

Beth is a fiery woman with a passion for life. She found her local selection of quality artisan chocolate was limited. Beth’s passion for nutrition and good taste inspired her to create her own recipes using superfoods and coconut sugar as an alternative sweetener. She began experimenting and learning the art of quality small batch chocolate making and thus Belicious was born.

An awareness of social and environmental injustices in the world led Belicious to mindfully source fairly traded cacao and other organic ingredients.
Today Belicious operates out of a small chocolate facility and continues to produce quality chocolate with attention to detail at every step.
To this day our founder can still be found dancing around the chocolate shop with the beats pumping… music on full volume, working her alchemy.

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