Hummingbird Farm

Let’s start with the basics. Please tell us your farm name and your location?

Hummingbird Farm
4380 Slocan River Road in Vallican

Operated by Lana and Brad Braun


What kind of farm do you run?

We grow fresh cut flowers and food in the Slocan Valley along the lovely Slocan River. Although our primary production is Flowers, we also grow an assortment of ‘ingredients’ for our processed foods. Our processed food goal is to ensure they contain at least 90% of the ingredient’s grown on the farm. Our current products include Bruschetta, Chipotle Salsa (we even smoke our own peppers!), Cider Vinegar, Pickled Beets, Sundried Tomatoes, Fresh and Dried Herbs. All of our food products are made on the farm in our commercial kitchen. We also grow an assortment of fruit that we sell fresh in season including raspberries, strawberries, and plums. Most of our pears and apples become tasty cider and cider vinegar!  All of our products including the flowers, fresh food and processed food are certified organic.

As a farmer, why do you do what you do?

The flowers are such an amazing joyful work, nothing like a bride THRILLED with local flowers! Surrounded by flowers is a very good life, in the summer our house is filled with fresh food and flowers and we get to share that bounty!


Where can we find + purchase your products?

Kootenay Coop (most products), Kootenay Market (flowers), Nelson Farmers market (wed, all products), Farm, Delivery


Farm Contact Info

Instagram – @hummingbirdfarm  
email –