GARDENING WITH LIVESTOCK – Permaculture Based Food System Design

In this introductory workshop, you will learn how to successfully integrate various livestock, like chickens, cows, pigs, fowl, and rabbits into your gardening and cropping rotations. Learn how to get all your weeding, tilling, fertilizing, aeration, shredding and more done for free. You might even get bacon and eggs too. Through examples of his families 250 acres farm, Takota will introduce the principles and processes he uses to design for functional fauna interactions in the back yard or on the back forty.


– Permaculture design.
– Forest gardening.
– How to identify and direct the energies and abilities of chickens and other wild and domesticated animals
– Improving your quality of life and that of your animals.
– Specific examples of techniques Takota has developed on his family farm and how to adapt them to your context.
– Our larger role as a keystone species on this planet.
– Case study of Grass Roots Family Farm’s integrated livestock system which includes: beef and dairy cattle, Berkshire pigs, heritage chickens, Muscovy ducks, gardens, cover crops, grain, and compost production.

Takota works with land stewards across Canada who feel overwhelmed with the complexity of designing and managing land in a way that is ecologically regenerative, financially sustainable, functionally resilient & actually enjoyable. His courses and consulting provide tools and resources to stop the grind and start growing the farm, ranch, or homestead of your dreams. Takota is a 4th generation farmer who was born, raised, and continues to help manage a thriving 250 acre diversified organic farm in Central Alberta. He holds two Permaculture Design Certificate from The Permaculture Research Institute, two Holistic Management Certificates from Holistic Management International, and a Red Seal Certificate for Carpentry.