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Hummingbird Farm

Let’s start with the basics. Please tell us your farm name and your location? Hummingbird Farm 4380 Slocan River Road in Vallican Operated by Lana and Brad Braun   What kind of farm do you run? We grow fresh cut flowers and food in the Slocan Valley along the lovely Slocan River. Although our primary production…

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Ebe’s Garden

A Conversation with Ebe’s Garden Let’s start with the basics. Please tell us your farm name and your location? Ebe’s Garden Parson, British Columbia- Golden Area A. Operated by Ebe Krisch & Ingrid Risch What kind of farm do you run? We grow vegetables, herbs, fruits, & berries. We are not currently “Certified Organic,” but…

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Aurora Gardens

A Conversation with Aurora Gardens Farm   Let’s start with the basics. Please tell us your farm name and your location? Aurora Gardens 5715 longbeach rd. Nelson B.C. Interview submitted by Brenda Hyshka What kind of farm do you run? We are K.M.G certified and grow a variety of things including pea shoots, berries, herbs…

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Linden Lane Farms

A Conversation with Linden Lane Farms Let’s start with the basics. Please tell us your farm name and your location? Linden Lane Farms The Carr Family 3850 Krestova Road, Krestova, BC Interview submitted my Matthew Carr What kind of farm do you run? Linden Lane Farms is an expanding farm specializing in horticulture. We produce…

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Salix and Sedge

A Conversation with Salix and Sedge Farm Let’s start with the basics. Please tell us your farm name and your location? Salix and Sedge Farm, Brendan Parsons and Cali Olleck, Salmo BC What kind of farm do you run? Salix and Sedge is a certified organic farm located in the Salmo Valley. We are a…

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Earth Temple Gardens

You can find Earth Temple Gardens tucked away at the pristine north end of Kootenay Lake, nestled in the small community of Argenta. Owned and operated by farmer Michael Silver, Earth Temple Gardens is a 1.4 acre, certified organic farm producing an abundance of vegetables each year. This farm operates with a mission to produce high quality, nutrient-dense vegetables in…

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Chuckleberry Community Farm

Chuckleberry Community Farm is a 2 acre farm located in Beasley, and is owned and operated by Jon Scott. The primary focus is growing and producing microgreens year round in the greenroom, but the farm also produces an abundance of fresh vegetables each year. The goal at Chuckleberry Community Farm is to provide healthy, local and…

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Just A Mere Organic Farm

Just-A-Mere Organic Farm is nestled in the middle of the beautiful Creston Valley, British Columbia. Owned by Danny and Miranda Turner and certified organic by PACS, the farm offers high quality, organic Rainier and Skeena cherries, as well as an abundance of other fruit and vegetables. The farm has 14 acres of land, 10 of which are currently…

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Earthy Organics Farm

Earthy Organics Farm is located just south of Fruitvale on Columbia Gardens Road, and is owned by Jeanine Powell and managed by John Abenante. This beautiful 10 acre farm boasts fruit and vegetable production, both in field and in mutliple greenhouses. The farm also produces an abundance of hay for sale each year, as well as…

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Cripple Crow Ranch

Out on the pastures of Tulaberry farm in Passmore, meat chickens happily peck about in the beautiful fields. This is Cripple Crow Ranch, run by Tamara Smith. After raising her own meat chickens for 20 years, last year she took the leap and turned it into a commercial operation. This year she’s raising around 1750…

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White Crow Farm

Over the years, White Crow Farm has evolved to become a community of people living and co-farming a diverse operation on its 160 acres, bringing their different skills and knowledge to the fields. Damon Chouinard has lived there for 7 years, seeing many stages of the farm. He loves the combination of living and farming…

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Bee Greens Plants

Nestled in a beautiful corner of Appledale, Bee Greens Plants is an organic bedding plant farm that sells thousands of annuals, vegetables and herbs wholesale to local stores and directly to customers. They specialise in heritage and open pollinated tomato plants, because as Hamsa Eliza Gooderham, one of the business owners, pointed out, “People love…

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